An Office Space moment

November 20, 2007

Ooer. A Real Life(TM) post. Batten the hatches ladies and gents, otherwise sail on by.

So I get a letter from my boss today, and I’m sweating bricks as I begin opening it, expecting something negative. I’ve missed a couple deadlines of late, so I have reason to.

Turns out I’ve been promoted, instead. What the lol. Maybe I’m just almost terminally paranoid, but the concept that my efforts are appreciated is something of a novelty. I suppose it’s my lousy work history. I’ve never, up until now, really been happy with whatever job I’ve had.

I guess times change.

In the year I’ve been here I’ve launched an entire corporate portal twice, including document and content management systems, alongside a half dozen other open-source systems, some of which have succeeded and others have inevitably failed. I’ve missed a couple of deadlines and had some projects slide into obscurity, sure, but I guess I’m fortunate in that I’m not the one to take all the blame, anymore, should other factors out of my control be responsible.

But despite it all, I know I could be far, far more productive. I slack off far more than I’m  used to,  and yet it seems that that’s okay. I have to question why. Is it a case of getting older? Do people just expect more of the younger employees while paying them less?

Or is it some kind of Office Space thing? Because the thing is, I really couldn’t care too much about missing a deadline anymore. I don’t stress out anywhere near as much as I used to. I’m chill, and relaxed, and I think it shows. For some reason, people notice it and seem to ascertain that being the calm centre of a storm grants you more, I dunno, innate ability/intellect, or something. A decade ago, I worked with a guy who exuded that same calm. Yeah, sure, he was pretty smart, I guess, but I believe no more so than any other tech-savvy sysadmin. And yet people trusted him. And I believe not despite his laid-backness, but because of it.

I guess I’m that guy now.


  1. Congratz Dude! Very good news indeed.

  2. So what are you some open source sysadmin ?
    Web designer?

  3. Kinda like, well, all of the above. Org. I work for is pretty much a Microsoft shop so our IT dept. is dedicated to supporting all their big MS serversd and that’s all they do, and we’ve never had a development dept. until about a year ago when i joined. Due to a tight budget, we decided to go opensource for our intranet, and with IT having all the open source skills of a ham sandwhich, implementing/maintaining the intranet and any development work falls to myself and 1 other guy. So yea, I have to code the stuff, host/implement it, maintain it.
    Fortunately with open source stuff these days most of the work is already done, it’s largely just a case of customisation, template design, and sitting back while rock solid linux servers just keep on ticking away.

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