Animax: follow up on ep. order

November 9, 2007

Seems more than a couple people have been questioning what the heck is up with Animax’s episode ordering/schedule. Below is a reply scavenged from a topic on DSTV.com’s forums. I’ve emphasized the interesting bits.

The concerns raised about Animax were forwarded to the channel and below is their response.

As you may know, Animax is a popular international network, broadcast in several countries. At the point at which the existing broadcast feed was launched on DStv in South Africa, several series were mid-way through their running order (for viewers in other countries.) While not a perfect scenario for South African viewers, we want to assure you that we made every effort to a) advise viewers about program scheduling and b) queue up our schedule to ensure that, where possible, key series would kick-off in tandem with the South African launch.

Regarding informing viewers, Animax provides DStv with complete listings information, in order for these to be incorporated into DStv’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG). With an aim to giving the viewer thorough guidance – to inform their viewing decisions – these listings include the title and synopsis for each series.

With regard to scheduling, we would like you to note that we schedule different weekly and weekend programming strips. Samurai 7, for example, was already nearing the end of its chronological order in the Monday to Friday timeslot when the Animax feed became available in South Africa. However, you will be thrilled to know that the series has already begun an encore presentation, in the same timeslot, following the airing of the last episode. Further, Animax’s programming team scheduled the launch of many favourite series during launch weekend and these will play out chronologically on subsequent weekends.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to monitor your commentary on an ongoing basis.

//end ————————————————

On broadcasting in English instead of the Japanese language, it is important to note that English is more appropriate to a wider DStv audience than the Japan language. Compared to Japanese, the majority of our viewers are definitely English speaking. The younger viewers may find it difficult to follow the plots in Japanese, in instances where subtitles are used. On the positive side, in the future, when bandwidth challenges have been overcome, such requests could be considered.

From what I can deduce from this rather cryptic response, it looks as if episodes in the week will simply be repeats, and new episodes of certain key series will air over the weekends. This actually works out great for me. I can catch new episode premieres more easily on the weekend, and if I miss one out I can hopefully catch it sometime during the week. Of course, the issue is I still don’t know which series will be airing new eps ovder the weekends, or which eps repeat during the week.

A pity there’s no immediate solution to the language issue, although the mentioning of it being a future possibility is somewhat placating.

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