Gurren Lagann > u

November 7, 2007

O shit. An anime post. Fuck.

Ya know, I’m not really that much of an otaku. I can’t speak or comprehend Japanese for one, besides a few choice words. And while I certainly enjoy watching what Japan spews out from it’s monstrous animation industry, I don’t watch it all. By most standards, I probably watch hardly any, compared to a bona fide otaku.

That said, I probably gleefully consume enough to know the crap from the less-crap, and every now and then a series muscles it’s way into my field of view that demands my undivided attention and even obsession. Gurren Lagann is one such series.

 i could eat. o yes.
  …And this is why

Seriously. Yoko is an anime heroine I can get behind. Ahaha.

Rampant fan service aside, Gainax’s latest oozes a certain visceral appeal. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it feels like a return to what makes anime great. It’s over the top. It’s loaded with emotion, but the good kind rather than the self-piteous whining that accompanies so much of anime these days. The action is thick and fast, rarely letting up, and the series (thus far anyway, I’m only 5 episodes in) moves. From my Googling, it seems it doesn’t let up and remains epic in every way right up to the conclusion.

This series is sorely needed in a time of uninspiring anime that either drags on forever (Naruto, Bleach) or ends with question marks hanging in the air (too many to count.. Tenjo Tenge anyone?). It’s a great change from all these series with insipid, bland art matching their depressing plot progression and characters. You won’t find powerless, mewling women or metrofag paralyzed men. This is a guy’s anime, and it’s aim is to get you have you cheering from your armchair by the time it winds up rather than sobbing like a girl or wondering wtf the whole damn thing was even about.

Titles like this are rare, despite the sheer volume of stuff Japan churns out. Get it. Get it now.


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