Animax jumps the shark early?

November 7, 2007

As I’m certain any number of Azanian anime nerds have probably waxed lyrical and hyped frothily about already, Animax launched this past weekend, 3rd of November. It promised us everything we’d been hoping for. A good selection of quality titles on a 24 hour, 7 day a week channel devoted to nothing but moe doe-eyed meidu, giant robots and, well, vampires for some reason. Always with the vampires. Were vampires ever a part of Japanese history? What gives? Random derailing aside, I certainly hoped that the channel would deliver, and in terms of lineup and all that, it seems to. But the channel may be heading out to shark infested waters.. and they may have already jumped a couple.

Because : what the hell is with the borked episode airing order?


To be fair it’s only been a couple days. Maybe it’s simple teething trouble. The ofttimes cheesy voice dubbing I can live with, the lack of original language track+subtitles sets my teeth on edge but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Not knowing what the fuck is going on half the time, is starting to get on my tits though.

Example. On the night of the launch, Gundam SEED Episode 18 was airing. Another, I watched Solty Rei episode 1 on Saturday and was thoroughly looking forward to catching episode 2 on Sunday. Instead, they showed the season finale. Epic Phale.
Last night I was breathlessly awaiting the third installment of Paranoia Agent and instead.. I get episode 1 tossed back at me. Thus far it seems either we’re skipping straight to dessert or being re-fed hors d’eauvres.

I ‘d understand if there was some kind of method to this madness, but it seems completely random. So after a few days of smiles, today I find myself switching to channel 111 with trepidation. Fuck knows if tonight they’ll show some spoiler ridden episode halfway into a series I was looking forward to diligently and chronologically following.
Honestly guys, you grab an anime show and then you treat it like it’s something for kids. Would you show episodes from 24 in random order? Or Smallville?

I won’t even get started on how spectacularly DSTV fails regarding scheduling.
I know Animax isn’t the only channel suffering this lack of attention to detail.

Get your shit together Multichoice. There are hordes of people like me that had all but given up on DSTV. You have to know this and must have done the research or you wouldn’t be airing Animax in the first place.

Don’t fucking jump the shark now.


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